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Just Domestic

No, really. Just domestic.

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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to Just_domestic. As the name suggests, we are a domestic community, and only a domestic community.

Have a question about obscure ingredient substitutions? Develop a fantastic home remedy? Want to know the best way to get tapioca out of taffeta? Want to share the tastiest mango salsa recipe you've ever tried? Got a great organizational system? This is the place for you!

Things it is appropriate to post: If it has to do with the domicile and activities confined therein, especially cooking and cleaning, please ask/share.

Introductions are welcome, but please post them in the comments HERE, not in an individual post. With them all here, it's easier to find them when people are interested and doesn't clutter people's friends pages.

Things it is NOT appropriate to post:

~If you have questions about pet health, please take them to a vet. Most of us are not qualified to answer, and those who are qualified have ethical and legal restrictions on their ability to give advice in this forum. While you refresh your inbox waiting for uninformed replies, your pet could be dying. Just go to a vet.

~If you have legal questions, please take them to a lawyer, for the same reasons listed above. While you refresh your inbox waiting for uninformed replies, your best friend/boyfriend/kid/roommate could be languishing in lockup. Just go to a lawyer.

~If you have medical questions, please PLEASE please go to a doctor. While you refresh your inbox waiting for uninformed replies, you could be dying. Just go to the doctor.

If you absolutely cannot shake your dependence on internet advice for serious health and legal issues, there are other communities that will indulge you. But please don't ask us. We will delete such posts.

~ If the answer to your question can be found in under one minute using www.google.com or www.allrecipes.com, it is not worth your time to post it or anyone else's to answer it. Please check these before posting simple questions/recipe requests.

Ground Rules

Don't be stupid.
Don't be helpless.
Don't forget to google.
Don't be surprised if you violate any of the above and are snarked.

If you're still feeling unclear, read this post.

just_domestic is brought to you by your tough but loving mods, Emmy (emmycantbemeeko) and Amy (physidork). If you have questions or concerns , please feel free to email me (emmy) at eeohlin at gmail.com.

Have fun.