Amy (doohickey) wrote in just_domestic,

Bourbon vs. Whiskey

Howdy ladies! (I'm assuming all ladies since no men introduced themselves.)

I need some help. kikibean got me thinking about making a chocolate bourbon cake with raspberries this weekend. (I promise that I will post the recipe once I figure it out!) My problem? I don't know Jack about bourbon.

I do know that bourbon is a very specific type of whiskey. I don't have bourbon. I have whiskey. How much different do they taste? Would you be able to tell the difference in a cake that has other strong flavors? And if I were to go out and buy some bourbon, what is the best brand? (I'm looking for the optimal taste to price ratio here - I'm poor but picky.) I don't drink often, and I would prefer not spending the weekend in a drunken stupor trying to figure out what brand is best. (Although that does sound like fun!)

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