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Grocery Bag Dilemma

Tired of having piles of plastic bags in your laundry room? Do you find yourself vainly trying to use up every last plastic bag before throwing them away in frustration? Do you take your dog for a walk every time she needs to use the bathroom just to legitimately use that plastic bag? Here's a coupla hip options:

1. Recycle those plastic bags. Many grocery stores have bins that you can use to return the bags. Or, take the bags back to the grocery store to get new purchase put into them. You should get a bag refund for bringing back the bags.

2. Canvas Bags -- Purchase canvas bags to use when you go to the grocery store. You can use old ones from conferences, and I bet you could find a ton of those at goodwill (I know I've goodwilled some b/c my family attends more conferences than I could even count). You can buy them at Reusable Bags or Land's End or a million other places.

There's lots of benefits to using your own reusable bags. You'll have less clutter around the house, and you'll be helping the environment.

If you find you use SOME plastic bags, then do one of two things:

1. use plastic produce bags instead. I've found that they meet almost all of my garbage carrying needs, thus negating the need for almost all plastic bags.

2. get plastic/paper bags only when you need them (perhaps once or twice a month?)

Once you get in the habit of always putting the canvas bags in your car after unloading groceries, it gets really easy to use a canvas bag every time you shop. ALSO, for those economically minded folks, you can get a bag refund almost everywhere. Safeway has a 3 cent refund and Fred Meyer refunds 5 cents for every time you bring in your own bag.

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