Amy (doohickey) wrote in just_domestic,

Whiskey-Soaked Raspberry Brownies

So I wanted to make a cake that involved bourbon, raspberries, and chocolate. (Thanks to kikibean for the challenge!) But I was lazy and didn't have all of the ingredients for a cake from scratch (as all cakes should be), but I had brownie mix. So I made brownies instead. The recipe is below. If you have any suggestions on how to tweak it any further, please do not hesitate to tell me! I also don't know all of the measurements, since I'm from the "just eye it and use common sense to tell you when to stop" school of cooking. I estimated to the best of my abilities.

Whiskey (about 1.5 cups?)
Frozen raspberries (fresh are better... about 2 cups?)
Brownie mix and all required ingredients to make said brownies

1. Soak raspberries in whiskey for at least 24 hours. Make sure you cover this in your fridge, because it smells STRONGLY.
2. Prepare brownie mix, adding about 3/4 of a cup of raspberries and adjusting the water input as necessary to achieve the proper baking consistency. Don't put any more of the whiskey into the mixture than you have to - it will make the baking time all wonky.
3. Bake brownies.
4. While the brownies are baking, drain the rest of the whiskey (save it - it's really good drinking!) and mash up the rest of the raspberries. Mix in enough sugar to make a glaze.
5. If you have any brownies left after they're cooled, pour the glaze on top of the brownies.
6. Voila! You have whiskey-soaked raspberry goodness.
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wow, that sounds really yummy. isn't 1.5 cups of whiskey a lot tho? I'll have to give it a whirl here right before finals and make a treat for everyone. thx!
It is, but it was the amount needed to soak the raspberries effectively. (Enough to cover them up.)

Save it, though! The raspberry flavored whiskey tasted SOOOOO good!
ooh, good thought. mmm, whiskey. it'll be awhile before I can drink tho, b/c I'm getting over some sort of stomach bug.

definitely will try this in the next coupla weeks and post up my results. yum yum