Barbiturate Cat (barbituratecat) wrote in just_domestic,
Barbiturate Cat

Spice Container...I have NO IDEA what this thing is...

My mother went to Calgary a few months ago, and found this Indian spice container. She thought it was called a marsala or a masala, or something along those lines. It's a silver circular container with a snap-lip that's see-through, and it houses a handful of tiny, circular silver bowls and a tiny silver spoon. She says it's for curry spices, but you can put anything in it.

I'm completely lost for what to do with this thing. Yes, I use a lot of spices and herbs, but I prefer to use them fresh and I don't usually have trouble with just keeping them in the cupboard. Does anyone have any ideas for this item? Or any more information on what it actually is, or what it's called?

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I'll take it off your hands and use it for my curry spices!
Looks like this?

It's called a Masala Box, and is used to hold individual spices for later blending together (a masala is a spice blend - garam masala, tikka masala, etc.)

If you don't want to use it for its intended purpose, you could always use it for kitchen decoration. Myself, I have a shelf in the kitchen that holds a Japanese tea set (including a bamboo whisk), a small Turkish coffeepot, and a 2000 year old bronze cookpot.
Me and mine are all about different dipping sauces. It could be an interesting way to present different sauces and sides at your table.