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Short-Term Move and Furniture

Greetings! In June, I am taking a job about 7 hours away from where I currently live (and 10 hours from my parents' house, where I will store everything I can't take with me). The job only lasts for 3.5 months, so I don't want to make multiple trips. The town I'm moving to is in a remote location on the southern Oregon coast, and the nearest big store is a Fred Meyer 30 minutes away. Essentially, everything I bring will fit in my car (Toyota Matrix).

It seems like I'll be in an unfurnished studio apartment. I haven't yet found a way to find furnished rooms being let in the town (or possible there just aren't furnished rooms to rent).

What are the best things to take as far as furniture goes? I already plan on using my packing bins/boxes (rubbermaid tubs and the boxes that reams of paper come in) as bookshelves and a stacking area for my snake's cage.

I'm thinking of bringing an air mattress for a bed, but I'd rather not. Any ideas on what else I could use for a bed? Or any fold-up type beds that are easy to pack into a mid-size hatchback/wagon car?

Also, any good ideas on how to maximize packing space and what I need to pack? I figure I will pare my belongings down to the bare essentials. There's lots of hiking where I'm going and a public library, so I don't need to bring too much to entertain me.

How do you make a cool, comfortable apartment for 3.5 months with only that which you can fit in your car? I don't want to buy too much furniture that I'll just have to abandon, and I doubt they have a goodwill nearby.

thanks :-)
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