The Little Robber Girl (therobbergirl) wrote in just_domestic,
The Little Robber Girl

The cat did what to the mattress? Oh dear.

The following text comes from a post by a wonderful man who told his wife not to worry about what the cats did to the mattress while they were away on vacation, he'll fix it. Do you have any ideas on how to help him? I'm sending him a link to this post so comment here or at the link to the post and he'll see what you say. Thank you for your help. I know what to do when this happens to carpets, but odors in a mattress are more detectable and unpleasant and I'm stumped.

Just got back from vacation to learn that my cats have also been taking a vacation - from toilet training. Looks like they spent a few days exclusively using my new mattress. So I have some nasty stains and a really nasty smell.

Any ideas how I can fix it?
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