The Little Robber Girl (therobbergirl) wrote in just_domestic,
The Little Robber Girl

The cat did what to the mattress? Oh dear.

The following text comes from a post by a wonderful man who told his wife not to worry about what the cats did to the mattress while they were away on vacation, he'll fix it. Do you have any ideas on how to help him? I'm sending him a link to this post so comment here or at the link to the post and he'll see what you say. Thank you for your help. I know what to do when this happens to carpets, but odors in a mattress are more detectable and unpleasant and I'm stumped.

Just got back from vacation to learn that my cats have also been taking a vacation - from toilet training. Looks like they spent a few days exclusively using my new mattress. So I have some nasty stains and a really nasty smell.

Any ideas how I can fix it?
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Nature's Miracle works wonders- it's available at most pet stores. How effectively it will reach the inside of the mattress, I don't know, but we used it when my little cousin wet a futon mattress and it eliminated the odors completely. On carpets, it eliminates pet messes completely also, but with a real mattress, results will probably vary based on how well you can get the stuff to penetrate, and how long you can let it air to dry out. Hopefully someone else has a suggestion on technique to get it inside the mattress, but for product, definitely use Nature's Miracle.
Yeah, it's that part about getting the cleaning product to penetrate the mattress sufficiently that has me stumped. I'm afraid to oversaturate because then there's a mildew concern. I don't know how long it takes a mattress to dry.
I agree with the Nature's Miracle idea. Also, I've had incredible results from OxiClean. It's designed to remove stains/smells that are caused by anything natural. (As opposed to man-made.) I've never been disappointed by my results with it on ANYTHING, and I'm especially pleased with the results with cat odors.

I'm not sure where you live (and I'm too lazy to look it up), but if it's starting to get warm and sunshine-y, then you can drag the mattress outside for a few hours and that will help get rid of the smells. Sunshine works WONDERS at getting rid of odors.

Do this after using Nature's Miracle or some other form of cleaner.